July 2024

Frank Serpico, the famous New York City Police Department officer once said: “I had gone through a near-death experience, and that gives you an insight into how fleeting life is, and what’s important.” People usually cannot see death coming and when they do, it is often too late. The following people had near-death experiences and got a second chance to live. See how lucky they are.

1. He lost a Lamborghini

A driver in Thailand got into an accident that split his Lamborghini Gallardo in half. He walked away unharmed. He might have suffered from emotional pain after he saw his expensive car wrecked. Lamborghini Gallardos are priced around $180,000.


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2. A drag racing accident

This 1955 Chevy flipped several times and you can even see the driver’s body hanging out of the windshield. The lucky man stepped out the car without a scratch.


See what happened in the video below:

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