12 Problems All Women With Natural Hair Will Understand

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Keeping your hair natural consists in styling it without using any chemical hair relaxers. Black women often face many surprises and troubles with their hair and decide to just wear it natural. Instead of relaxing their hair or flattening it, they decide to just wear braids, twists, puffs, afros are all natural hair styles. If you have ever kept your hair natural, you will definitely relate to the following problems.

1. Breakage

If you have been using chemicals on you hair for a while, the odds are that your hair will become weak and will break easily.

2. People telling you that they miss your straight hair

Don’t worry about them it is your hair and you can do whatever you want with it.


3. Your hair is dry

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. It will save your life, especially when you comb your hair.

4. Washing takes forever

Yes, you will have to schedule a whole afternoon washing, conditioning, detangling and styling your hair. At some point, you will contemplate shaving your head.

5. Breaking the piggy bank

Natural hair products come with a price, especially if you are trying to go all organic.

6. Detangling your hair

It’s tough, it can hurt and it takes a long time.


7. Having to wear a head scarf 

Styling your hair can take so long that you are forced to wear a head scarf when you are in a rush.

8. Everyone wants to touch your hair

You will never receive a compliment about your hair without the person touching it.

9. Need a perm?

Hairdressers keep offering to relax your hair.

10. Getting caught in the rain

Checking the weather is a good habit because the humidity and dampness of the rain can totally change your looks.

11. Wasting your Sunday on YouTube

You can spend hours on YouTube and on natural hair blogs looking for tips and inspiration.

12. Shrinkage

Many ladies with natural hair will experience shrinkage. Up to 75% of their hair will shrink. That is part of the versatility and beauty of natural hair.

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