10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

There are a lot of wonderful things about hanging out outdoors – the warm weather, the sunshine, the nice landscapes. As fun they can be, these activities can sometimes take a toll on your hair. It can get dried out, frizzy, and damaged. If you need help maintaining your luscious locks in the summer, or if you live in a hot climate, then these tips are for you.

1. Get a Trim

Just cut off enough to get rid of any split ends. This will refresh your hair.

2. Only Wash Your Scalp



The products you shower with can further dry out the damaged hair at the bottom. Your scalp produces lots of oils, so clean up there and then rinse it out so that the products run through gently.


3. Give it a Break

Try not to style your hair too much. Lay off using heat tools and gel products for a couple of days. If you want a style, get something easy like braids. It is summer, your hair deserves a vacation too.

4. Deep Condition

Using a nice deep conditioner will give your hair the moisture it needs. For best results, do it weekly.

5. Be Gentle When It’s Wet

If you plan to swim a lot, then do not brush your hair when it is still wet. This may cause it to break.

6. Protect It From Chlorine


If you swim in a pool, then wet your hair with clean water or a leave-in conditioner. This will prevent it from absorbing too many of the chemicals in the water.


7. Eat Protein

Having a protein filled diet will make your hair a lot healthier and stronger.

8. Tie it Up

If you wake up with atrocious bed head, then tie your hair in braids, pigtails, or a bun before you go to bed. This will help minimize tangles, which makes hair vulnerable to breaking.

9. Try Hair Oils

Instead of using heavy products, treat your hair with natural, refined oils such as avocado or coconut.

10. Keep It Covered



When venturing out into extreme heat, keep your head covered with a hat or scarf to protect it from sun damage.

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