12 Types Of Guys You Should Never Date

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As they start growing up, people tend to prefer a healthy relationship over a “fun”one. While many believe that all the good men are taken, single women should never settle for the wrong person. No matter how desperate you could feel, stay away from the following 12 guys.

1. The actual bad boy

He can be fun, have plenty of stories and people who admire him. Bad boys are fun to flirt but not to date. Because of the habits that make him a bad boy, he will get you in trouble.

2. Mr. Cheesy

He came up with a very cheesy pickup line. As a matter of fact, it was so cheesy that you felt sorry for him and accepted to have a conversation with him. Stay away from this guy even if he is the cutest man on earth because his poor sense of humor will bore you at some point.


3. The sensitive man

He always wants to argue about the pettiest things. He is unbelievably insecure and, most importantly, he can hold a grudge against you without you even knowing. Beware.

4. Too hard to get

He is very needy and never seem to be satisfied. No matter what you do, it is never enough. The worst thing is that he always looks tempted to look elsewhere. Is he really worth the stress?

5. The negative man

He is always negative and looks miserable. He keeps complaining and will quickly suck the life out of you. Stay away from him at all costs.

6. The desperate guy

Desperate guys need a hug all the time. Some women love cuddling but too much is too much! As soon as you notice that your new man has this personality trait, run far away.


7. The NO man

There are men who seem to have a very limited vocabulary. The word that comes the most out of their mouth is “no”. Forget about trying out new things with him as he will never step out of his comfort zone.

8. The party guy

He loves to party and from the looks of it, he is not ready to stop clubbing anytime soon. This type of man is hard to manage in a relationship as he seemingly has most of his fun in the night club. Do you think that it is worth going through all his drama?

9. The guy who never compliments

He will never tell you how good you look and of course, he will never notice when you change your hairstyle. That is because he doesn’t pay enough attention to you. You deserve better.

10. The alcoholic

Can he socialize in a setting without any alcohol? If not, beware. He might have issues with alcohol. You all know how much trouble that can be.

11. The boring man

He has no socializing skills. He always tells the same stories and refuses to go out, even with the few friends that he has. There is so much that you can do with him.

12. Too scared to commit

He can be nice respectful and fun but there’s one thing wrong with him. He can’t seem to plan for the long term, nor can he commit. How can you build your life with this man?

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