9 Must-Know Makeup Tips For Women With Dark Skin

Different skin tones require distinct makeup colors and applications. The following nine tips will help you accentuate your best features.

1. Test every color on your own skin

Makeup advertisements often feature lighter skin women. The same shade of lipstick or eyeshadow shown in the ad may look completely different on your skin tone. Do not buy makeup based on how it looks in a commercial; you could be massively disappointed when you bring it home. Test how the color looks on you prior to purchasing it.

2. Use yellow based foundations

Foundation is the base of your look. It is essential that you use an adequate one for your skin color. Most women with darker skin have yellow undertones. Therefore, yellow-based foundations work best for darker skin. You should find a color that will virtually disappear once you apply it.


3. Use darker blush

Blush is great for creating a healthy and youthful look. Plus, it can be used to bring out the angles in your face. However, blush that is too pink and too bright may clash with your skin and not blend properly. Try using deeper and richer colors, such as brown, red-brown, or copper.

4. Apply bronzer

Bronzer is a matte or shimmer powder that is warm-toned and creates the effect of a warm glow on your face. It is great for contouring your face. Just as you would with blush, stick with brown and copper shades.

5. Avoid “nude” lipstick

If a lipstick is being advertised as nude, more often than not, it will only look nude on lighter-skinned women. Colors that are very pale pink or beige will likely clash with your skin color instead of creating that natural look you were going for. To have a natural look, try using matte brown lipsticks.

6. Define your eyebrows

Eyebrows can make or break your look. Keeping them bold brings attention to your eyes, defined and strong brows bring out your facial features. If you have naturally thick brows, do not over pluck them. And if you have thinner ones, try filling them in.


7. Do not shy away from bright colors

The advantage of having dark skin is that you can experiment with your eyeshadow. You can pull off colors that would completely overwhelm lighter skin women. Also, highly pigmented eyeshadow will look amazing on you.

8. Use primer cream

If you are having trouble getting eyeshadow colors to show up on your skin, try using primer cream. The cream will immediately diminish the appearance of discoloration, uneven tone and imperfections on your skin. It goes on before the eyeshadow. It will make the color pop.

9. Consider wearing brands specifically made for black women

There is an increasing number of brands being created specifically targetted to black women, for instance, Iman Cosmetics, MAC, and Black Opal.

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