5 Tips To Contour like A Professional

All the celebrities and beauty bloggers are raving about contouring. It seems so complicated to do but once you break it down, it becomes quite simple. Follow these simple steps to achieve that perfectly sculpted look.

1. Find the right supplies7491fc8eac191336b9164be613884db4

First, use a foundation that matches your skin color. Then you need to get a foundation that is a few shades lighter than your skin, and another foundation that is a few shades darker. Make sure you have a quality blending brush or makeup sponge.

2. Apply the first layer of foundationdc24f520-1186-4798-833d-8ff9051d90b4

Cover your face with the foundation that matches your skin as a base color. This will ensure that your makeup looks smooth.


3. Apply the highlightercba4c63975e54692aa3765da14e1c379

Use the foundation lighter than your skin to highlight the following areas: between your eyebrows, under your eyes, the bridge of your nose, and the middle of your chin. Then, blend the highlighter.

4Apply the darker foundation6fc06cb44403ea082b16b5c16170b44f

Use the darker foundation to shadow the following areas of your face: right below your hairline, on the right and left sides of your nose, under your cheekbones, and along your jawline. Once again, blend your makeup properly before moving on to the next step.

5. Soften


Use a wet makeup sponge to smooth away any harsh line and extra product.

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