10 Fascinating African Food Blogs

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The African food scene offers a fascinating variety of delicious dishes. African foodies are all over social media showcasing traditional African dishes and African-inspired recipes. It’s hard to imagine a world without the following 10 African food bloggers.

1. Afrolems

The Afrolems food blog calls itself “Home of great Nigerian, African and International Recipes.”  The blog aims to educate the world about Nigerian and African food. You will find photos delicious meal on the Instagram page, which has over 16,000 followers.

2. My African Food Map

Filmmaker and blogger Tuleka Prah travels to one country in Africa at a time and dedicates an entire month to exploring the food. She then creates one short film showcasing four popular dishes from each nation. So far she has explored the food scene in Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. You can follow her journey on her website.


3. Nigerian Lazy Chef

Nma Okpara provides easy Nigerian recipes on her blog and shares photos on her Instagram profile. Inspired by the recipes she learned from her parents, Okpara tweaks the recipes for “lazy” cooks like her.

4. Jikoni Magic

Jikoni Magic owns a YouTube channel and a blog that showcases all types of Kenyan food. There are a variety of recipes to choose from ranked by difficulty and time needed to prepare.  

5. Renny Vonne

This blogger describes herself as an imaginative cook, storyteller, and opinion sharer. Regarding food, she specializes in dishes inspired by Nigerian food and quick recipes that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. You can find recipes on her website and her Instagram account.

6. Aftrad Village Kitchen

“It’s all about reconnecting with the African identity through food,”Aftrad Village Kitchen’s Instagram bio says.

Run by a Ghanaian cook, the recipes largely focus on Ghanaian dishes.  The blog has step-by-step instructions for each recipe as well as how-to videos.


7. Chef Lola’s Kitchen

Lola Osinkolu is the brains behind this YouTube channel. She creates quick and easy to follow recipes. Most of her videos showcase Nigerian cuisine, but she also has dishes from other African countries.

8. My Burnt Orange

My Burnt – Home of the Afro Cosmopolitan Diet is run by Freedes: a wife, mother and professional electrical engineer. She was raised in Botswana to Ghanaian parents and is married to a Zimbabwean, so she has been exposed to a variety of African food. She has also studied Thai and Portuguese cooking and lived in Melbourne and London.

 “It is my hope that in sharing my recipes, I will challenge the misconception that African food is unhealthy, and even throw in some great Afro vegetarian ideas,” she said.

9. My Belle Don Fulli

A blog run by Madam Chef Affi, My Belle Don Full shares Nigerian recipes. Affi used to live in the U.S., then moved back to Nigeria when she got married. Her mission is to do her “darn best to figure out a few things in the kitchen, to enjoy Nigerian food, cater to a host of food allergies, all while staying healthy.”        

10. Nigerian Food Channel

If you want to start learning about Nigerian food, this is a great place to start. The channel publishes recipes for Nigerian dishes, soups, snacks, and desserts. Nigerian Food Channel is ideal for the computer savvy. It is present all over social media via a YouTube Channel, a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram, and a Pinterest account.

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