December 2023

Two Nigerian brothers have stamped their mark in the tech world. The thirteen and fifteen-year-old brothers Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime from Lagos designed a web browser called the Crocodile Browser Lite 3.0. It is supposedly faster than Google Chrome. 

Destined for greatness

The two teenagers have a special gift for technology. At ages 7 and 9, they launched a technology company called Blu Doors (a name inspired by Bill Gate’s Windows). The self-taught programmers decided to build their browser out of boredom. “We were fed up with Google Chrome,” they said. They learned how to code in just two years, thanks to tutorials such as Code Academy and Code Avengers.


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Catering to local needs

The Crocodile Browser Lite 3.0 is what Africans need. According to the two teens, Google Chrome is built specifically for a certain type of smartphones. While Chrome is a great option for high-end smartphones, it does not cater to the local demand. Many African cellphone users still rely on lower end phones to browse the internet from their mobile.


Building a dream

The Crocodile Browser Lite 3.0 is the answer to all troubles. Anesi and Osine Ikhianosi created the browser specifically for smartphones that experience slow browsing speeds. The Crocodile Browser Lite 3.0 has already gotten more than 1 000 downloads on the Android app store, and the reviews have been stellar. The brothers plan to continue improving the app with updates and new layouts. Their mother hopes that they get a chance to pursue their studies at the prestigious university of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States).


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