July 2024


Rumors have been going around that afrobeats artist David Adeleke, also known as Davido, was under investigation by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). The rumor has now been confirmed. And according to the local press, the NDLEA is organizing a panel to investigate the video.

The controversy

The music video, called “Fans Mi”, features American rapper Meek Mill. In the video, Davido displayed a white powder which is suspected to be an illicit substance. While some people believe that it is hard to verify the nature of the substance on screen, the NDLEA has a different opinion. Mitchell Ofoyeju, the Director of Public Affairs of the NLDEA told the press that:

“I am aware that a panel is working on it (the video). The panel was set up soon after the video was released few weeks ago. When our attention was drawn to it, we viewed it and we discovered that it was improper. There is no moral lesson in it and he was just advertising drug trafficking.”

He added:

“In the video, he exchanged a briefcase supposedly containing narcotics for dollars. He was displaying affluence in the video. If it (the plot) had climaxed in an arrest and possible detention, we would have congratulated him for partnering with us. But the way he portrayed drug trafficking in the video was a means to an end, which the end is a life of affluence which we disagree with.”


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Davido doesn’t seem to be disturbed by the probe, he is rather enjoying the success he’s earned from the record-breaking video. When asked about the situation on Twitter, the artist tactfully answered “Nothing”.


Take another look at the music video:

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