July 2024

Video games have been increasingly popular in Nigeria, fostering a new culture in youth living in cities like Lagos. Games such as Mortal Kombat, EA’s FIFA Soccer, and puzzle games have been put to good use in informal gaming centres around the cities, where gamers can join in and compete for the top score.

This new interest has also led to a surprising development: gaming companies

Several game developers have popped up in Nigeria, hoping to create content with some local flavour and entice Nigerians into playing games they can relate to. One of these developers is the company Maliyo Games, which has made the game Okada Ride and Kidnapped.

Watch a coverage of the gaming industry in Nigeria

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Gaming companies are pursuing the opportunity

These companies realized that there is a gap in the market and they have been working nonstop to fill it. This has led to the development of several other games such as Ole and Sambisa Assault which have gained popularity over the last few months.

Watch a trailer of Sambisa Assault

This could be the next booming industry

While the development standards aren’t on par with those of mature countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Europe yet, the popularity of these video games (at thousands of plays and downloads) indicates that it could be a booming industry in a few years. This is also helped along by the introduction of smart phones into society, making downloads and games more popular than ever.



So join in the fun by jumping on the Okada taxi. It’s going to be a wild, exciting and bumpy ride.

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