July 2024

Many people who seek to have killer abdominal muscles believe doing sit-ups will help them achieve their dream. Unfortunately, this exercise tends to be a waste of time. Here are some exercises that work much better. If you really want the sculpted stomach look, then make sure to pair these moves with some cardio exercises like running or swimming. You cannot achieve the sculpted body by only doing strength exercises. It does not matter how strong your muscles are if they are hidden under a layer of fat. Also, you cannot just focus on your abs. To see results, you will need to reduce your overall body fat.

1. Side planks

This stationary position really works the muscles on the sides of your stomach. They are called obliques. You can do side planks by balancing on your hand as pictured, or you can place your forearm on the ground instead. Start by holding the position on each side for 30 seconds and then work to try and hold it longer.



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2. Lunges with dumbbellsYou can do this with or without the dumbbells, depending on how challenging you want the exercise to be. Whichever you pick, make sure to engage your abs while lunging.



3. Row with resistance band

If you have a resistance band, step on it with either one or both feet. Using both feet makes the band tighter is more challenging. Grab the handles and pull them towards your ribs, as if you were rowing a boat.



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