5 Of The Most Mind-Blowing Advances in Wearable Technology. You Will Be Amazed.

Lately, technology has been advancing at an astonishing rate. We have gone from using desktop computers to laptops, and now tablets. The latest innovations in technology are in wearable technology. You have probably heard of the Apple Watch, the smartphone you can wear on your wrist, or maybe you are more familiar with Google Glass, the technology you can wear over your eyes. Those devices are just the beginning of a myriad of innovations.

1. The Digitsole


This is an insole that goes inside your shoe. It can be heated to any temperature desired and uses Ortholite material to reduce stress on the foot. Ortholite is a brand of very comfortable shoe insoles. The Digitsole can track your activity and the amount of calories you burn.

2. Sunfriend Anti-Sunburn Wristbanddf3e8c76b8641351dc8f1098e24fa58e

This band is more than fashionable. It monitors the wearer’s sunlight intake, particularly the exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This device was so impressive that it won the NASA Tech Briefs “Design The Future Contest” for the consumer products category.


3. Recon Heads-Up Display08e5c43432470913d72720d9bdc84fd2

Created for skiers and snowboarders, these goggles have a display screen inside. The dashboard contains information on the athlete’s speed, altitude, and vertical descent. It can also connect via Bluetooth technology to a phone so that users can see notifications, play music, and even answer calls.

4. Monbaby Baby Monitorf7b2be9dd9ca0ecfa970edac46f8cf9e

This is a step up from the traditional baby monitor. The Monbaby can be attached to a baby’s clothes. Parents can use it to monitor their child’s breathing and sleeping position. It will send an alert if the baby falls, moves, or breathes irregularly.

5. Sensoria Smart Bras3349ff4c35130e6272ad217f01fda25d

First there were sports bras, now there are smart bras. In addition to being supportive, there are sensors inside the fabric. This bra monitors your heart rate and other fitness levels.

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