June 2024

A teenage boy has gained international attention for being “the most beautiful student in China.” This is not for any superficial reason. Eighteen-year-old Xie Xu has inspired the world with his beautiful soul. He has been carrying his disabled friend to school for three years. His friend, 19-year-old Zhang Chi, suffers from muscular dystrophy. This is a condition that slowly deteriorates one’s skeletal muscle. Thanks to Xie Xus’ valiant efforts, Zhang Chi has never missed a class. The story received attention on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo, and then spread to the local media. Now, it is touching the entire world.

A strong bond

The boys attend Daxu High School together in the city of Xuzhou, Jiangsu. The headmaster Guo Chunxi, called their story inspiring and touching. He states that Xie Xu is the most beautiful student that has a positive influence on the school. His efforts have inspired other students to help Zhang Chi never miss a class.



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Addressing a problem that plagues China

While this story is heartwarming, it brings attention to a larger issue in China. In the country, there are problems regarding the legal right of disabled people. They face much discrimination and have problems finding resources that will allow them to be independent. Furthermore, a nationwide estimate found that 243,000 school-age children with disabilities were not able to attend school. This makes Zhang Chi’s perfect attendance accomplishment even more remarkable. The world would be a much better place if everyone had a friend like Xie Xu!



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