5 Dangerous Foods You Eat Every Day. Did You Know How Toxic They Were?

Food is essential to the human being. It provides the necessary vitamins and nutrients the human body needs in order to grow stronger and healthier over time. Some people rate food based on how it tastes, how nutritious it is, or how it looks. As consumers, we are constantly under the impression that everything that we see on supermarket aisles is good and safe for us. This statement is unfortunately false. Raising awareness on the potential harm some foods will do to you is of critical importance. Here are 5 toxic foods that you are probably exposed to every day.

1. Green Potatoes


The most common and popular starch on the planet hides a terrifying secret. You may think it’s OK to use a potato that is slightly green, but greener potatoes have a high level of the toxin known as solanine, which may cause gastrointestinal distress, induce coma or even cause death within 24 hours of consumption. Ouch!

2. Microwave Popcorn89db036f8ed95662cd715eb592cafe10

The last thing you would consider while heating up a tasty treat like this is that you are exposing yourself to lung disease and cancer. Perfluorooctanoic acid, a chemical used in microwave popcorn packaging has been linked to infertility in women, cancer as well as lung disease.


3. Tuna


This popular snack is dangerous because of its high levels in mercury. Mercury causes neurological issues, learning disabilities, and brain damage. In addition, tuna can affect the unborn fetus of a pregnant woman and harm its development. The amount of tuna you can eat depends on your physical condition and the type of tuna you choose, but it is recommended to consume it in moderation.

4. Bitter Almonds


Bitter almonds contain cyanide-like toxins, which act as natural pesticides. This type of almond is only available in the form of oil and extracts. Normally, bitter almonds must be processed to make sure most of the cyanide is removed. Surprisingly, many countries have not bothered enforcing the law although consuming the nuts can cause death.

5. Tomato stems and leavesTomato_scanned

Tomato stems and leaves contain a chemical known as Glycoalkaloids which causes intense diarrhea and affects the nervous system when consumed in high concentrations.

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