These 5 Exercises Will Help You Relieve Stress

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How many of you are aware of the importance of exercising and yet feel too busy and too stressed to do it? Exercising can actually help you resolve that problem! Working out releases endorphins – the neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy and energized. Plus, when you feel healthier, you feel happier. Instead of satiating your stress with food, try these workouts designed to relieve stress.

1. Yoga

There are many different types and levels of yoga, but they all involve controlled breathing and a series of poses, either stationary or in motion. For stress relief, try to enroll into the less physically rigorous classes such as hatha yoga. These types of classes stress focusing on breathing and meditating.

2. Walking

Hippocrates once said that walking is man’s best medicine. While running is a good exercise, sometimes it is better to just walk instead. It is less taxing on your body, especially on your joints, and you can still burn calories. Plus, it can be very mentally relaxing; you can put in some headphones and walk around the city or find a nice trail and enjoy nature.

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3. Aerobics

High energy workouts get your heart rate up and your blood flowing, which releases the endorphins. This includes activities like running, cycling, dancing, etc… Make sure you check with your doctor before doing anything too intense!

4. Tai Chi

Tai chi is similar to yoga, but it has its base in martial arts. It involves a flowing, controlled set of body movements and breathing exercises; this is particularly beneficial for relieving stress. It can even help lower blood pressure.

5. Kickboxing

If you have had a really hard and frustrating day, then nothing quite relieves stress like kickboxing. The kicking and punching moves are great fat burners and raise your heart rate. The movements are also disciplined and controlled, so it will improve your body’s coordination and balance.

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