Do You Want To Raise Responsible Children? Follow These 8 Tips.

There is no one way to properly raise children. However, studies have found that parents of successful children have many things in common. Following these tips can increase your chances of raising kids who will turn out to be stable adults.

1. Teach Them Good Social Skills

Studies have found a strong connection between children’s social skills as kindergartners and their success as adults two decades later. Socially and emotionally competent children learn how to cooperate with other kids, empathize, and resolve issues. These children were found to have a higher chance of earning a college degree.

2. Have High Expectations

Set the bar high for your children and it will become much easier to achieve goals. Children whose parents expect more of them tend to get higher scores on standardized tests. And it can work as a self-fulfilling prophecy – if you expect a lot of your kids, then they will live up to their parents’ expectations. However, make sure to be reasonable setting expectations.


3. Have Working Mothers

Seeing their mother work can have significant benefits for children. Daughters of working mothers tend to go to school longer, are more likely to have a job in a supervisory role, and earn more money in their adult lives. Sons of working mothers help more around the house. A working mother serves as a role model to her kids.

4. Get the Highest Education Possible

Role modelling works wonders for children. If you, the parent, have completed high school and/or college then you are more likely to raise children who do the same. It is another way to set the bar high for your kids to achieve as much and even more than you did.

5. Teach Math Early

Developing math skills early helps children be successful later in life. Mastering basic math skills early will help them with the more complicated things in the future. And it also predicts how well they can read and comprehend.

6. Develop A Relationship

Building a strong relationship with your children not only helps them emotionally but also increases their odds to achieve more in their lifetime. Being sensitive to your children’s needs, responding appropriately, and giving them a secure base helps to foster a strong bond.


7. Do Not Stress

If you are happy, then your kids are more likely to be happy. If you are stressed, then you can pass that feeling onto your child. When spending time with kids, quality matters over quantity. If you are constantly around your kid, but are stressing the whole time, it can backfire.

8. Value Effort Over Results

This is where you teach your kids what success is. If they are trying their hardest, then make sure to acknowledge and reward that. This teaches them to be persistent and to grow into responsible adults. If you stress results over effort, it may discourage them from trying to do better.

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