7 Eyeliner Tips Every Woman Should Know

Do you struggle with putting on eyeliner? Do you want to create a flawless winged look but struggle to even draw a straight line? Eyeliner can be intimidating at first, but it becomes much easier once you master a few simple tricks.

1. Know Your Stuff

Before you try anything, know that there are three different types of eyeliner: pencil, gel, and liquid. They all create different looks and are applied differently. Pencil eyeliner is easier to apply, but it is thicker and not as smooth. Gel liners create smaller lines and are easier to control. Liquid liners are precise but can get messy and smudged.

2. Choose Your Look

Now that you know the different types of eyeliners, decide what kind of look you want to achieve. If you are trying to make a smokey eye, pencil liner works best. If you want a precise and thin line just above your eyelashes, then gel or liquid should be used. Gel and liquid liners are also the best for creating winged looks.


3. Draw It In Steps

Instead of trying to draw the entire line at once, break it down into several steps. To create an even line, draw a dotted line right on top of your lashes. Then, starting at the inner corner, connect the dots.  A good trick for winged eyeliner is to draw the outline of the wing first and then fill it in.

4. Use A Spoon

Still struggling to get the right angle for that perfect cat eye? Use the handle of the spoon to draw the angled line and then use the curve of the spoon to create the shape. Then fill in the line.

5. Use Scotch Tape

If you have trouble holding the spoon while doing your makeup, another option is to use scotch tape. Make sure to press the tape on your hands a few times before putting it near your eyes – you do not want it to be too sticky in that sensitive area. Place one end of the tape underneath your bottom lashes at the outer corner of your eye and then angle it towards your temple.  Then use the tape like a ruler to guide you in creating your look.

6. Use White Eyeliner On The Bottom Lashline

Darker eyeliner on the inner rim can often make your eyes appear smaller. Plus, darker eyeliner on the bottom lashes looks smudged and a little juvenile. Instead, use white eyeliner on the bottom lashes to make your eyes looks wider and brighter.


7. Clean It Up

If you end up making mistakes, then clean up any stray marks. Use a Q-tip to apply concealer or eyeshadow to the mess ups, depending on where they are. It works just like an eraser.

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