December 2023

The world has been eager to see Bruce Jenner’s transition into womanhood for months. The day has finally come! In a Vanity Fair magazine spread, Jenner simultaneously released her new look and her new name: she is now called Caitlyn Jenner. The world looked in awe at her flawless style and looks. Obviously, she learned something from her gaggle of daughters!

The speculations and rumors

There had been rumors surrounding the former star athlete, as she (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) was spotted with painted nails, long hair and what seemed to be breasts hidden under her baggy clothing. The rumors were fueled by the string of plastic surgeries she undertook as a male, including the removal of her Adam’s apple.

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The big revelation

After finalizing her divorce with her wife, Kris Jenner, Caitlyn eventually revealed the big news in an exclusive interview with the American news network ABC. Caitlyn stated that she was a transgender, that she had already started taking hormone treatments, and that she was considering having gender reassignment surgery. Jenner also explained that she has felt this way for years. She was just hiding it from both the public and her own family.




C vs K controversy

Ever since Vanity Fair announced Jenner’s name, the internet has been ablaze with questions. Why spell it with a C and not a K like all the other Kardashians? There hasn’t been any formal statement regarding this question yet, but it appears that Caitlyn wanted to distance herself from the Kardashians.



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