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5 Disturbing Conspiracy Theories. Do You Believe These Stories?

A conspiracy theory uncovers a secret plan usually organized by a powerful group of people. The media drives many of these theories further, sharing them to the point that they become massive extravaganzas with no limits. Here are a few unsettling conspiracy theories that you have probably heard before. Are they true or false? You be the judge. PS: someone might be watching you…

1. The Illuminati


Many Americans believe that there is a secret order that controls the American government and presidency. Members of the Illuminati are generally thought to be rich, which enables them to fund things that suit their own agendas. The Illuminati started in May 1776, with the goal of controlling religions and governments. It is also believed that they are behind all massive world events, like wars and the moon landings. Spooky!

2. Ebola


Even one of the biggest tragedies of the last 2 years has not been safe from conspiracy theories. The internet went wild over the outbreak, blaming chemical and bio warfare for the deadly disease. Some people believe that the new Ebola variant was created for population control in Africa. It is rumored that the deadly disease is the work of Barack Obama, who wants to create a wasteland in Africa. Ebola is also thought to be tested in Africa before the disease is used against rival countries.


3. The Flat Earth Societyd78bc6e6a96735a955f1df8f0da395cb

The society, which prefers to call itself zetetic astronomers, fully believes that the Earth is flat and that all so-called “proof” like the moon landings and satellite pictures are faked by the government in order to keep people in the dark about the true state of the world. Almost all of their readings are based on the Bible, and their writings come from early philosophers predating the 4th century B.C.

4. The medical industry creates diseases785bca68cfadd3827bbe941e821e223c

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to be healthy. In fact, they want you to get sick so that they can earn more money from you. That’s what some people believe. It’s a whole cycle. Doctors make up diseases, they diagnose you so that they can prescribe you new and expensive medications from pharmaceutical companies (and take a small cut of the profit). According to these theorists, the cure for AIDS has already been discovered but it is withheld because drug companies make too much money from antiretrovirals.

5. Hitler was alive and wellhitler and eva

The common story is that Hitler and his love Eva Braun committed suicide together in a bomb bunker after Germany lost the World War II. Not everyone believes that he died. Conspiration theorists say that the bodies were never recovered and that the bunker was never found. The survival of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele is also cited as a reason why Hitler lived. Mengele managed to escape to South America. It is believed that Hitler also escaped to Southern America and died at the age of 73 in Argentina.

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