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These 14 Celebrities Were Caught Red Handed

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The following celebrities were caught staring. Can you blame them? They are just enjoying the view…

Kanye West looks really focused on the game

staring 15

Source: the chive

We caught Lebron James slippin’

staring 14

Source: the chive

Even the greatest have to turn around

starign 13

source : the chive

Don’t be fooled, women stare too

stargin 12

source : the chive


Diddy is admiring Jessica Biel’s “necklace”


Source: izifunny

No wonder why Ashton Kutcher is a Lakers fan

staring 11

source : the chive

Tiger always looks so focused and determined

staring 7

Source: the chive

Justin Timberlake


source : the chive

Isn’t it surprising that Thierry Henry and Tony Parker are not the ones getting all the attention?


Source: the chive

Cheerleader 5 – Beckham 0


Source: omgplace

Bradley Cooper is practicing on his American Sniper skills


source : Pinterest

We can’t really blame Usher for turning around


Source: Pinterest


US President Bill Clinton was unaware that woman was taking a selfie


source : thehansindia

Not even Hillary Clinton can look away from Christina Aguilera’s breast

Source: upi

This kid is confident enough to become a superstar


Source: vk

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