5 Tips To Control Your Sugar Cravings

Are you addicted to candy or ice cream? It can be really hard to resist sugar cravings, especially considering how addictive sugar can truly be. When you taste sugar, calming endorphins are released in your body. This will give you a high, similar to drugs, and then once the high is gone, you will crash and want more sugar. Here are five tips to help curb your sugar cravings.

1. Eat Small Amounts

Most things are fine in moderation. If you really are craving something sugary then just have a little bit of it. It is all about balance. You want to have enough to get over the feeling but not so much that you end up getting a sugar high. You can also use a small amount to reward yourself for being healthy.

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2. Avoid Processed Foods

Eating a lot of sugar in one sitting is sure to trigger the vicious cycle of getting a sugar high, crashing, and then craving for more. In processed foods, such as pre-made juices or yogurts, you are likely consuming massive amounts of sugar without realizing it.

3. Eat Fruit

If you really want something sweet, opt for fruit. Fruit has a sweet taste and natural sugars that should satisfy your cravings, but it also has fiber and other vitamins.

4. Time Your Meals Properly

Do not have too much time in between your meals. You do not want to be starving by the time you get to eat because that may influence you to go for unhealthy food. Plus, it can make your blood sugar fluctuate.

5. Distract Yourself

If you know that you just want to eat because you are bored or craving something and not because you are hungry, then get up and do something to take your mind off of it. Exercise, read something, clean, etc.

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