December 2023

Remember the all-black burger? After marketing the all-black burger, Burger King is now selling all-red burgers in Japan. Red buns, red cheese, and there’s even some hot sauce to make sure that it really tastes like red.

An interesting recipe

Burger King named it The Aka Burger – “aka” means red in Japanese. There are two versions of the burger – one called Samurai Beef, and another one named Samurai Chicken. Both of the versions have the red cheese and red buns. The mysterious hot red color is created with tomato powder. The fast food chain is also adding to both burgers a red hot sauce created from miso and hot pepper.


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Not the only announcement

Burger King has announced that it is also in the process of improving the all-black burger. The Kuro Burger – “kuro” means black – was created by Burger King in 2012 to celebrate the company’s fifth anniversary in Japan. The burgers look somewhat appealing in their promotion pictures, but customers who took real pictures of the product told a different story.


An improvement

The same black buns, cheese and sauce will be used, but now, the recipe includes a deep fried aubergine. Hopefully, the addition will fix all aesthetic problems and make sure that the burger looks more like the representation in the promotion pictures.


On sale soon

The Aka Burger goes on sale from 3 July. Maybe Burger King will create a burger in every color of the rainbow. Like the Pretty Patties created by Spongebob Squarepants.


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