14 People You Are Likely To Find In Every Nightclub

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Artist Andy Warhol once said: “I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start spreading rumours to my dogs”. Indeed, crazy things happen at night, especially in the nightclubs. Most of you enjoy stepping out every now and then and when you do, you definitely come across one of the 14 following people.

1. Selfie addicts

They will order drinks, take a thousand selfies and upload everything on social media prior to having their first sip. It is always good to have one of them in your group when you go out because they will send you a few nice pictures the next day.

2. Professional dancers

They always steal the show since they master all of the latest dances. Spending hours watching music videos does have some perks after all. You will never be bored by hanging out with them.


3. Touchy couples

There are always couples hiding somewhere on the dance floor, kissing and grinding. Their behavior is sometimes borderline. Every now and then, a bouncer will tell them to chill.

4. Hunters

Whether it is a lady or a guy, the hunter is there for one reason: take someone home. Hunters mostly hang around the bar or on the dancefloor. They will seduce you with their top notch dancing skills. And for some reason, they know everyone in the club.

5. People who have no boundaries

They have no sense of personal space. They are touchy and push around everybody when they are dancing. You can’t be mad at them though: they are just trying to have fun.

6. Cool cats

Cool cats are laid back and cheerful. They are always smiling and love to socialize. They are also excellent sweet talkers. They don’t dance much and are usually lounging around the bar area. They are so cool that you will definitely buy them a drink.


7. Singers

For some reason, singers get overly excited every time a song is played. They know the lyrics of every new song from beginning to end. Somehow, every time a song starts, they scream: “that’s my jam!”

8. Gold diggers

You will find them everywhere you go. They won’t talk to you unless you buy them a drink or order bottle service. Like Kanye West said, they don’t mess with broke people.

9. The old mac from way back

Everything on this person is old: his dances, his style,etc. Why is this grown person still clubbing?

10. Troublemakers

Troublemakers cannot spend the entire night without getting into an argument with someone, whether it is the bouncers, the bartenders or fellow club-goers. When things get extreme, they end up being thrown out. Clubbing is all about having fun people, no drama.

11. Texters

It’s in the middle of the night, the place is super dark and everyone is either dancing or conversing, but texters are too busy sending messages. Who is up at this time to read those messages anyways?

12. Observers

These people are always sitting by themselves. At first, you would think that they are shy but in reality, they are having fun. They are entertained by each and every funny, crazy, drunk person.

13. Ballers

You can’t go to the club without coming across ballers. They are easy to spot. They usually arrive with the flashiest car, they are always well-dressed and they all hang out at the VIP section. For some reason, ballers are particularly out on payday.

14. Thieves

You will find thieves anywhere large crowds meet. Keep an eye on your phones and your purses because thieves can be sneaky.

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