December 2023

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, caters to its customers while encouraging artistic expression. The combination of those qualities led to the creation of the Cheeseception: a pizza topped with mini pizzas. After the restaurant owners posted a picture of the glorious creation on their Instagram account, the internet collectively rejoiced.

Casually stumbling upon genius

A representative of the pizzeria said that they created the new dish just for fun. “We basically just took another slice and cut it, like, into a little slice and then put it on top of the other slice,” he explained. “You know what I mean?” It sounds simple enough, and yet it is so brilliant.



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Tips from the inventor

Sean Berthiaume, the man behind the innovative creation, gave some tips for pizza lovers. First, there is no wrong way to eat it. “It’s totally up to the person. There are several ways to eat it. It’s open to interpretation.” Secondly, be proud of your creations. “There are lots of people out there creating amazing things in the amateur snack science field, like doughnut burritos, bacon cakes, and…uh….salads. Those are the true heroes.” The final tip: inspiration comes from anywhere. “I see inspiration all around, in the hearts and minds of the customers that frequent Vinnie’s every day. Their eyes seem to say, ‘Pizza, I like it, I would like more of it.’ That, and I was bored on my break.”

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