Yoweri Museveni Takes A Roadside Phone Call And Breaks The Internet

Uganda’s press secretary Don Wanyama released a very odd picture of president Museveni. On his way to celebrate World Population Day in the Isingiro District in South West Uganda, Museveni requested his motorcade to stop at the Kyeirumba Village so that he could make a special phone call.

A mystery caller

Many wonder who the mystery caller was. Only a very important matter will cause a president to stop his entire escort, hold a 30-minute conversation while sitting on a foldout chair roadside. The sun was so hot that the 71-year-old boss had to wear his cowboy hat.


While he was on the phone, Museveni gave the thumbs up to passing pedestrians and motorists who must have been flabbergasted to see their president sitting on the foldout chair.


Business as usual

Museveni took advantage of his stop to address a crowd of Kyeirumba inhabitants who hailed him for tarmacking the road that passes by their village. Whether this event was a publicity stunt or an ultra-confidential matter, Ugandans shared their interpretations of the scene on social media.

Maybe he was testing his new phone


Was he getting ready for a portrait?

Some people even recreated the scene

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