July 2024

This sounds more like a slapstick prank than reality! In what became a 13-hour stand-off, a python called Monty, named after the British comedy group Monty Python, has finally given up the ambulance it has kept captive. Luckily no-one was seriously injured in the ordeal!

A slithery ordeal

The python allegedly entered a parked ambulance in the Kruger National Park in South Africa at around 8 AM to look for a napping spot. When they found out about the special patient, Emergency workers patiently waited for Monty to move from her resting spot so that the ambulance could be reused for duty. The snake, which has a similar girth to a taxi tire, tried to bite an emergency worker before slithering under the ambulance and into the undercarriage of the vehicle. Experts believed that the python entered the ambulance because its interior was warmer, a logical guess considering how low the temperatures in South Africa have dropped over the past week.



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A doctor’s visit for Monty

Monty is currently under veterinary care due to a scratch she got on her scales from when she slithered into the bottom of the ambulance. The specialists guess that it is only a minor skin wound, but she will be under observation for a few days. The plan is to eventually release her into a local nature reserve, as snakes are considered to be valuable for the environment. Serpents  help get rid of rodents. Hopefully, there will be no more ambulance rides for Monty!



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