Hospitals Came Up With Creative Ways To Spread The Holiday Spirit To Their Patients

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You will often hear that hospitals are the last places people would want to spend their holidays at. That is because many of you associate hospitals to sickness, sadness, and death. What you tend to forget is that medical also staff help, cure and save lives as well. In order to remind you all that hospitals can be happy places, nurses and doctors took photos of their hospital’s most creative holiday decorations and shared them on the Internet. Which ones do you prefer?

1. Christmas babies

They look so much cuter in their little red stockings.

2. Staying alive

This heart will be beating long after Christmas is gone.

3. A Christmas tree made of gloves

Creative and festive!


4. Santa’s blood giveaway

Blood for Christmas can be someone’s best gift ever.

5. A special decoration

Who would have thought that these objects would ever be used for decoration?

6. Christmas lights

When prescription bottles enlighten your day.

7. Keeping the holiday spirit



Look at this big smile!

8. Seasons greetings from the dental office

Don’t eat too many sweets!

9. Another Christmas tree made of gloves

You don’t need much to cheer the place up.

10. It’s all about design

The only time one would enjoy looking at pee jars.

11. Another creative idea

You can make a Christmas tree out of anything.


12. What a nice wreath…

Made of urinals. Had you noticed it?

13. Merry Christmas from the hematology department

Spreading some love.

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