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11 African Cab Drivers You Have Come Across At Least Once In Your Lifetime

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Taxi drivers are among the first people one would interact with when visiting a country. Most of the times, they know the best places to visit or to eat in a city. Befriending a cab driver is sometimes a smart thing to do. However, beware of certain personality types.

1. The comedian

He is very friendly and is always smiling. His jokes are not always funny but he is trying his best to keep you entertained. This driver looks like an aspiring comedian but deep inside you want to tell him to keep his day job.

2. The historian

He is like a walking encyclopedia. He knows all the places in town as well as the history behind them. After conversing with him for five minutes, you will notice that he is an avid reader.


3. Mr. know-it-all

This cab driver loves to have conversations about politics and religion. No matter how crazy his arguments are, he always wants to be right. Thank God he is not a politician!

4. Miss Lady

Female cab drivers are often underrepresented in the industry. It is, therefore, a pleasure running into them. Be sure to tip them when you can. Driving a cab is no easy job.

5.  The F1 driver

He loves his job, and maybe too much. He thinks that he is an F1 driver speeding through a race. You will definitely have high sensations riding in his car, but he could be the right guy for you whenever you are in a rush!

6. The sports guy

This cab driver loves sports. You will notice it as soon as you step into his car. It’s usually decorated with banners and stickers of his favorite team. Not to mention that the driver is probably listening to a game on the radio. Be careful with the mood swings, they depend on how his favorite team is doing.


7. Mr. Sensitive

Your cab ride will turn into a visit to the shrink. The driver looks sad and doesn’t hesitate to narrate a very long and personal story about his hardships. You will end up really feeling bad for him.

8. The hi-tech

The cab looks like a real electronics store. The car is equipped with the latest gadgets: an HD-DVD player, a surround sound system, Bluetooth and maybe even free Wi-Fi.

9. The crook

Beware of this driver. He will always choose the longest or most congested route if you are paying with a meter. He never carries enough change, as he is expecting you to let him keep it. When you are too nice to him, he tries to pick up another customer in order to make more money.

10. The meanie

The meanie depicts the taxi driver who always has very short answers and never smiles. People often wonder whether he is aware of this thing called customer service.

11. The cool cat

Have you ever stepped out of a cab and felt like you just met the nicest person ever? Well if that is the case, you just met the “cool cat” type of driver. He is funny, nice, genuine and manages to keep you entertained in a great conversation.

How many of these drivers have you ever come across?

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