December 2023

That’s right fans, you better get some tissues ready. One of the biggest hit shows in the world, with spin-offs in hundreds of countries, is finally coming to an end. After broadcasting 15 full seasons of hopefuls competing for the ultimate prize of a recording contract, the FOX television network announced that the show is coming to a close in 2016.

Ratings have fallen hard

The hit show has suffered some unfortunate losses in ratings over the past few seasons. After stunning ratings in the first few seasons, American Idol’s audience has dropped from 23 million viewers to less than 9 over the last four seasons. Yikes!



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Teenagers prefer The Voice

The other reason for the cancellation is the competition out on the market. NBC’s The Voice has been an especially big threat to the American Idol brand, drawing a lot more viewers since its first broadcast. Viewers said they felt that shows like The Voice were more modern, fairer and more fun to watch.



“We had a blast” said Simon Cowell

Famously harsh television judge Simon Cowell, who has been part of the show since its original broadcast in 2002, has also shared his sorrow on Twitter. Acknowledging all his previous co-hosts before his departure in 2010, he said that he was grateful for the good times he had with all the people he met. However, he also understands that the show needed to end.



The question still remains: what about the other Idol’s series? Will they be cancelled by affiliation? Only time will tell!

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