8 Signs You Are Dating a Manipulator. Never Ignore These Red Flags.

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Do you think you are in love? Have you ever been in a relationship with someone for a while, and are now questioning a few things? Red flags are flying everywhere. They seem to say that maybe your partner isn’t the right one for you because he or she is manipulative. Dating a manipulator is tough.They will put you through the ringer emotionally, and you will never quite know where you stand with them. Here are some signs proving that you might be dating a manipulator.

1. They are emotionally unpredictable



People who manipulate others are usually emotionally instable. They are up or down all the time, and they can cycle quickly leading you to never understand their mood.

2. They are selfish



They only provide about 20 percent of effort towards the relationship, but they require 100 percent of your effort. They aren’t afraid to let you know if you aren’t living up to their standards.


3. They can easily turn on the charm

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They use their charm and affection to get you to do what they want. Love and affection should flow freely in a relationship, and not be wielded like a weapon.

4. The relationship is in their hands

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Manipulators crave control at any cost. They are the ones who decide where the relationship is headed. In reality, they don’t really care about how you feel.

5. They are untrustworthy



Never rely on them.

6. Change is not an option



Manipulators won’t budge in their manipulative thinking until you explode. They might change a little bit to suit you, but will soon go back to their old ways.


7. They will constantly make you feel guilty



Manipulators are masters at turning things around so that you feel guilty. They will make sure to constantly remind you when you were wrong. They never let anything go, and they want you to remember at all times that you are the “bad” one in the relationship.

8. They always blame others



Manipulators are always right. It’s always someone else’s fault. They are always perfect in their eyes, and will always blame others for everything that goes wrong.

source: beliefnet

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