Adopting These 10 Habits Will Pay Off Forever

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Do you want to improve your health but are not ready to make a huge commitment yet? Make these subtle and easy tweaks to your lifestyle!

1. Sleep

Probably the easiest health tip is to sleep. Not sleeping consistently can lead to heart problems. But do not just sleep more, sleep better. It is a matter of quality over quantity. Many people fall prey to bad sleeping habits and do not give their body the rest it needs. Make sure you are getting your best sleep possible to recharge your body and mind.

2. Watch TV while exercising

Do you love to stay on the couch all day watching continuous episodes of your favorite show? You can still enjoy your TV, just change where you watch it. For instance, you can watch TV on a stationary bike, a treadmill, or an elliptical. You can even do some ab workouts in your living room while watching a show.


3. Measure your food

You do not have to give up your love of snacking. Simply measure out the right portion size of your food into bowls and cups. That way, you can still get a taste of chips or cookies without overeating.

4. Get a pet

Research shows that people who own pets are healthier physically and mentally. They have a lower blood pressure and lower stress levels than people who do not own any pet. And if you need a companion when you are running or walking, a dog is perfect! They are always full of energy and will keep you motivated.

5. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go

Always have a water bottle on hand by keeping one in your purse or backpack. When you have it around, it is easy to take small sips of it throughout the day and make sure you are never dehydrated. This also helps you feel full, so you do not end up snacking.

6. Eat slower

It takes a while for our brains to tell our body that we are full. If you eat very fast, you risk eating way more than you needed to. Instead, chew slower and put your utensil down after every bite.


7. Leave your blinds open at night

If you need to wake up to go to the gym or you just want to be up at a reasonable hour, leave your blinds open when you go to sleep. When the sun rises, it will act as a natural alarm clock.

8. Have your gym clothes ready

Another good trick is to take out your gym clothes the night before and lay them out. When you have everything ready, it is harder to make excuses for yourself.

9. Force yourself to walk more

If you cannot make it to the gym, make sure you burn some calories throughout the day. Force yourself to take longer routes and to take the stairs. If you really need motivation, try purposefully leaving some things you will need later in your room or car. That way, you will be forced to walk to get it.

10. Be social

If you are a social butterfly, use that skill to get healthy. Get a group of friends to go to a cycling class and then get breakfast later. If you want to make new friends, take some fun dance classes or join a sports team.

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