July 2024

A bridal boom is dominating Nigeria. Websites, dresses, planners, music artists and florists have taken over, with couples planning the most lavish and beautiful celebrations of love that the world has ever seen. African designers have turned their eyes to wedding clothing, creating vibrantly beautiful gowns and traditional wear that are sought by people from all over the world. These weddings look like fairy tales, and offer some real life goals!

The weddings are famous for their beautiful decor

Bright colours carry the African vibe and tradition into the settings while creating a wonderful contrast.



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The massive wedding planning business 

Wedding planning offers hundreds of business opportunities from selling flowers to renting tuxedos. In Nigeria nowadays, the average wedding guest list has 2000 names. This trend has created a massive need for wedding planners. Staying on track with the planning for more than 2000 guests is certainly no small task!



Gowns and dresses that you’ve never seen before

These radiant brides combine traditions with wedding themes, making sure not one hair is out of place. This has pushed local designers to cater to the wedding industry, with nicer gowns being massively sought after on a daily basis. Each outfit, from the tuxedo to the bridesmaid dress, is mostly custom made to suit the overall theme and to impress the guests.



Weddings in Nigeria are all about status

Families will pool plenty of resources into the ceremony to ensure that the massive celebration has people talking for years. These weddings are gorgeous, and the couples even more so. Nigerian weddings look like some of the most awesome events one can ever attend!



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