A New Mother Sits Through A College Exam While In Labor

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21-year-old Tommitrise Collins had only one day to complete her online psychology test for college. But it happened to clash with another important date – the delivery of her baby.

Ready to handle as much pain as possible

Collins was determined to take her test. She has a 3.6 GPA at Middle Georgia State University and refuses to let it drop. She told her sister Shanell Chapman “If I’m not in too much pain, I’ll take it.” Collins said her plan was to handle as much pain as long as possible. She took the test when she was not on any pain medication.

 “It took me 4-5 hours after the opening of the test to try to put the pain to the side and do it so I wouldn’t have to do it later and I could enjoy my newborn,” she said.

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She managed to pass her test and give birth

The dedicated student and mother managed to complete the two-hour exam in about an hour and 30 minutes. She said that even her nurse was shocked at her decision to take the test. Not only did she finish her exam, she passed. She then delivered a healthy baby girl after nearly 20 hours of labor. Her daughter, named Tyler Elise, weighed 7 pounds and 10 ounces. Her sister, who delayed a vacation to the Bahamas to attend the delivery, shared a photo on Facebook of Collins taking the test with the caption: “This is what you call ‘Strong Priorities’. Contractions 3 minutes apart and still takes her Psychology Test! You are going to be a great mom baby sis!” The post has gone viral, with over 15,000 shares.

Motivated to succeed

Collins loves being a mother so far, she thinks that it is the biggest blessing she has ever had.  

“She is my life now, and the way I look at it is, she will always have me to depend on so my goals will not be put on hold. I don’t want to just barely make it by, I want my child to live comfortably, and I want to show people that just because I am considered a young mother doesn’t mean I have to be considered a bad mother,” she said.

Collins decided that she was not satisfied with her initial score on the test and requested to retake it; she ended up with a “B” on the exam. She will graduate in December of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, which will be her second degree after completing an associates degree in criminal justice.

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