10 Emerging Cosmetics Brands In Africa

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The cosmetic business is booming throughout Africa! Check out these ten African brands that are on the rise.

1. Suzie Beauty-Kenya

SuzieBeauty is Kenya’s first major beauty brand. The products are made for African women and by an African woman: Suzie Wokabi. She has a degree in International Relations, but her passion is to create a high-quality yet affordable African makeup brand. She received training and worked in the U.S. fashion industry. She returned to her hometown of Nairobi to finally pursue her passion. Her brand launched in 2011. SuzieBeauty products include concealers, foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more.

2. Africology-South Africa

This South African spa has a brand that specializes in natural and eco-friendly products. The store has haircare, skincare, and nail care products. It also offers aromatherapy, tea, and candles. Everything you need to create your own Africology spa!


3. House of Tara-Nigeria

House of Tara has been a trailblazer in Nigeria. This business helped start the bridal makeup profession, launched the first bridal directory, established the first makeup studio and school, and hosted the first makeup conference. The House of Tara product line aims to promote ethics and ethnicity while empowering young women. The brand is well-established in Nigeria. It has been around since 1998 and has 20 studios in 11 states across the country. The company’s senior managers are looking to expand to 100 makeup stores throughout sub-Saharan Africa in the next five years.

4. Angel’s Lips-Liberia

Founded by Liberian top model and entrepreneur Lisa Togbah, Angel’s Lips Cosmetics carries lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balms, eye shadows, lip liners, and blushes. Togbah donates a percentage of all sales to women in her home country. The company has expanded to the U.S., Ghana, and Nigeria.

5. Kwena-South Africa

Kwena specializes in a Crocodile Oil Balm – it is created from pure Nile crocodile oil, beeswax, and essential oil. There are no added chemicals or known side effects. The beauty and healing cream can treat most skin problems.

6. Zaron-Nigeria

Zaron sells quality makeup for the face, eyes, and lips, as well as accessories. The brand began operating in Lagos, Nigeria in 2011.  There are franchise outlets and distributors across the country and even outside of Nigeria.


7. Beaucience-South Africa

The Beaucience logo is beauty through science. The company creates skincare products which focus on minimizing and delaying the effects of aging.  All of their products contain the ingredient proteasyl; the company claims that it is unique to them and that it works naturally with skin.

8. Panzsir-Liberia

Liberian chemist developed Panzsir. It is the first company to manufacture personal care products in Liberia and uses local talent for research and development. It caters to the needs of Liberians and other ethnic skin tones.

9. Malée-South Africa

Malée was created in South Africa in 2010. It is a luxury fragrance and body care range. The products contain natural ingredients like shea butter, cacao seed butter and avocado oil to soothe and nourish skin. They exclude as many allergens, parabens, silicones, mineral oils and animal products as possible.

10. BMPRO-Nigeria

BMPRO launched nearly 10 years ago. It started with 14 items, which sold out in a few weeks. Now it has 65 products in the Nigerian market, plus distributors in the US, UK, Ghana, and Canada.  The company sells makeup for the lips, eyes, and face, as well as accessories.

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