14 Powerful Photos That Show The Reality Of Climate Change In Africa

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The effects of climate change in Africa are being felt by people all over the continent. Weather changes have affected the health, livelihoods, food productivity, water availability, and overall security of the people. According to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index for 2015, seven out of the ten countries most at risk from climate change are in the continent. During the past 25 years, the number of weather-related disasters has doubled, resulting in very unfortunate situations for Africans. Here are 14 pictures that will give you perspective.

1. Affecting the ecosystem

Climate change is causing the salinization in some area’s mangroves.

2. One weapon

Thousands of trees are ready to be planted to fight the drought.

3. Fighting for survival

Drought-affected families travel miles in order to find water.


4. Life goes on

People are learning to live with floodings.

5. Affecting animals

Fauna no longer has access to clean water.

6. Bad harvests

Climate change is decimating plants and causing some farmers to lose some of their harvests.

7. New obstacles

A small-scale farmer flooded in water.

8. Changing topography

This used to be a lake.

9. Immersed

Residents of a refugee camp in South Sudan immersed in floodwaters.

10. Helping each other

Collecting water from a free water point sponsored by local citizens.

11. Killing animals

A dead cow lies dry from the effects of the latest drought.


12. No more water

Lake Chad  has shrunk from 25 000 km2 to 8 000 km2.

13. Natural disaster

Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and in number.

14. Food security

Losing your livestock has serious consequences.

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