12 Football Player’s Extravagant Homes. One Of Them Is Reportedly Haunted!

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3. THIERRY HENRY – 14 million euros

The only French player to participate in 4 world cup competitions purchased this sumptuous triplex in hip SoHo, New York.


The apartment is 520 square meters, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.


There is a 418 square meters outdoor deck.



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2. SAMUEL ETO’O – 25 million euros

The Cameroonian footballer spent close to 25 million euros to purchase this gorgeous home. The only problem is that according to the British newspaper The Telegraph, this house is cursed by Tutankhamon.

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The luxurious property belonged to Lord Carnarvon, a financial backer of Howard Carter, the man who discovered the pharaoh’s tomb in 1923.

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Lord Carnarvon died from a mosquito bite after discovering Tutankhamon’s sarcophagus. Later, his nephew died falling down the stairs. And more recently, a model disappeared, and her body was never discovered.



The Cameroonian striker was warned by his neighbors. He doesn’t seem to pay much attention to these superstitions.

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