A Mass Grave of 8 Million Dogs Was Discovered in Egypt

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A mass grave dating back to ancient Egypt has been completely excavated by archaeologists. There were also jackals, cats, and falcons in the grave.

An offer to the Gods

The grave is in North Saqqara, next to the temple of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death with a dog’s head. The dog catacomb was first found back in the 19th century but remained partly unearthed until now. Most of the dogs were probably offered in gratitude to the gods from birth, or when they were young.

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An interesting history

According to experts, this grave was the work of an animal cult. Animal cults reached their peak in ancient Egypt between 747 and 30 BC. These animal cults were a symbol of national identity for the ancients, as well as an expression of popular religion. It is likely that the graves were popular tourist destinations back in the day for priests, animal breeders, bronze-makers, and more.

A better understanding of the past

The dogs, and the other animals, probably died by dehydrating or starving. The group of creatures were hailed as a connection between the people and the gods. This grave was the work of the cult of Anubis. Apparently the group of dead animals formed a much larger group than previously believed.

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