A Baby Owl And A Kitten Meet And Become The Cutest Best Friends You Will Ever See

A beautiful friendship was formed at a very special coffee shop called Hukulou in Osaka, Japan.

A Double Dose of Cuteness

As if they were not already cute enough, these two baby animals are best friends.

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Best Friends for Life

Fuku the owlet and Marimo the kitten are inseparable.

Cuddle Buddies

They like to play and nap with each other.

They Were Drawn to Each Other

They both live at the coffee shop, which is a special kind of place. It is an owl cafe, these owl themed drinking places are getting more and more popular around Japan.  Fuku is one of many owls at the specialty cafe. When Marimo arrived at the coffee shop, he immediately bonded with Fuku.

Stars of the Show

The coffee shop has other owls and sells a lot of owl-themed merchandise. But these two and their adorable friendship have become the shop’s main attraction. The pair of animals just shows that anyone can get along.

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