15 Tattoos You Can’t Help But Stare At

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20 years ago, getting a simple tattoo on your arm was not appropriate. Things have changed. Today, 20% of Americans are inked-up and the art of tattooing has become more than a simple fashion statement. Youngsters from all over the world inscribe on their bodies inspirational messages or pictures of their loved ones. Japan is one of the rare places where tattooing is still stigmatized because it is associated to the mafia. Most tattoos you will see are representations of hearts, stars, inspirational quotes or animals. Yet, a few “creative” people decided to stand out and get tattoos that are out of the ordinary.

1. This tattoo says: “I got my eyes on you”


He kinda looks angry.

2. Time for a bite


The teeth are perfect and the tattoo is very realistic. We still don’t understand why he decided to have this tattoo on his head.


3. An intimidating tattoo


If he is trying to intimidate people who surround him…well done.

4. The Alien


Here’s another one who spent too much time watching science fiction movies.

5. The serious-looking man


Did he go to a real tattoo artist, or did he just ask his son to draw something on the back of his head?

6. A sad clown


How can he move his head and make the clown smile?

7. Big red


Guess what’s his favorite color?

8. A mysterious tattoo


Scary and mysterious, this tattoo will have you staring for hours.

9. “Do you want to be my friend?”


Yeah, but only on Facebook. You look too creepy.


10. The werewolf


This tattoo comes straight from your worst nightmares.

11. Gracefully agingimage9

This old man’s tattoo is just like wine: the older the better.

12. A strange smile


Thankfully, it is just a matter of days before the man’s hair grows back.

13. What a nice little angel


14. A scary look


Why didn’t he get a Winnie Pooh tattoo. It looks much more cheerful.

15. Keeping it classy


This head tattoo looks way classier than the previous ones. It can even disapear…when the man’s hair grows back.

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