10 Affordable Products For Natural Hair

Have you ever thought about letting your hair go natural, but dismissed the idea because you were on a budget? You can keep your natural hair healthy and beautiful without using fancy salon products. These ten products are affordable and can all be found at your local store!

1. Castor oil

Castor oil is known to help hair that is thinning out, it has even been used to thicken eyebrows. Rubbing castor oil into your scalp and edges before bed will repair damaged hair. Just make sure to wrap your hair while you sleep. 

2. Satin

Cotton can damage natural black hair and absorb all of the oils from it. Try sleeping in a cap made out of satin to protect your hair from the cotton in your pillowcase and sheets. Or, if you do not like sleeping in caps, you can switch from cotton to satin sheets and pillowcases. Also, if you frequently use headbands, switch them from cotton to satin.

3. Biotin

How healthy your hair is also depends on how you take care of yourself. If you notice that your hair is weak and/or falling out, you could be deficient in vitamins. Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, can help heal dry hair and prevent breakage. It does so by aiding the production of keratin. You can get biotin through vitamin supplements or through food such as brown rice, green peas, or lentils.

4. Shea butter

You will notice that shea butter is used in several hair products. Shea butter is a great natural conditioner. It can be used to moisturize roots and nourish the scalp. It is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

5. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is another great natural conditioner. It is often used in skin treatments because of its soothing qualities, which can also help your hair. It contains enzymes that will repair dead skin cells on the scalp. This will not only nourish your scalp, but help your hair grow smooth, shiny, and strong.  

6. Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil can be used as a moisturizer for dry hair. It also reduces dandruff by nourishing the scalp. Plus, it has antioxidants that can help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. You can apply use grapeseed oil on its own and as an ingredient in homemade hair masks and sealants.

7. Liquid aminos

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Hair is made out of the protein keratin, so having protein can help make it stronger. You can use liquid aminos on their own. They are applied in several natural hair treatments. For instance, there is a well-known moisturizer and frizz reduction remedy for natural hair called the Cherry Lola Treatment, named after the woman who invented it. The treatment involves applying a mixture with baking soda, liquid aminos, and yogurt.

8. Yogurt

The Cherry Lola Treatment uses full fat plain yogurt. While the liquid aminos provide hair with protein, the yogurt moisturizes it. Apply the mixture to dry hair, leave in for 20-45 minutes, then rinse. Yogurt is an ingredient present in many natural conditioners and can be used to nourish hair follicles to prevent hair loss.

9. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another natural moisturizer. On its own, it makes a fantastic deep conditioner: melt the oil, massage it into your hair, comb it through, and leave it in for 30-60 mins. It can also be used as a detangler for curly hair. Just apply a small amount to your hair and comb it through and you should get all of those pesky knots out of your hair.  

10. Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is commonly used as a natural way to make your hair shine. Raw apple cider vinegar will have more enzymes and nutrients than commercialized vinegar. After shampooing your hair, mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of the vinegar with 8 ounces of water. Massage it into your hair, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse.

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